sketched image of Cary, the bar's founder

2251 W. Devon Ave.

Chicago, IL 60659 (map)

(773) 743-5737

(On-site ATM)

Cary's Lounge is your friendly neighborhood tap catering to all your drinking needs since 1972. No thirst is too big or too small for us here at Cary's!

In addition to the great selection of beers (16 on draft!), fine wines on tap, and excellent cocktails, Cary's features free pool on our 9 foot Diamond table and free play for you and your teams. Plus, you can enjoy your drink on our wonderful outdoor patio! You’re gonna love it!

Weekly Specials

  • TODAY:$6 Custom Cocktails!Who doesn’t like a good cocktail? Great drinks cheap!
  • Fridays:$4 Mystery Beers!We pick the beer; you shut up and drink. Bartenders rule!
  • Saturdays:$4 Cider Saturday!Some people are not big fans of beer (wtf?), and others are looking for a change of pace (OK, I get that) . Why not lighten up with a nice, crisp cider from our fine selection? Very refreshing!
  • Sundays:$5 Bloody Marys or Wine!Nurse that hangover with our homemade bloody marys or start another with a glass of one of our fine wines on tap!
  • Mondays:$1 off Craft BeersCraft beer! Cheap! ‘nuff sed!
  • Tuesdays:$6 PB&Js!Okay, so it doesn’t have to be PBR and Jameson. You can substitute any macro/mass market beer and any of our selected call liquors. Go nuts, pal!
  • Wednesdays:$5 Beer Flights!Here’s your chance to try one of those silly-named beers you’ve never heard of. That’s four beers to a flight. Don’t get cute.